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Services & Rates

NetworkRichmond.Com® Billing and Pricing Policies

Service Plan

Choose the service plan best suited to your needs.You may switch to another service plan at any time (however, the change does not take effect until the beginning of your next billing month.) With all plans, services are available immediately while the billing change does not happen until the beginning of the next billing month.

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Billing and Account Activation

Upon completion of our online account application process, you will receive your first statement via email for the amount of the activation fee and the first month's fee. If you request a printed/mailed monthly statement on your application, you will also be mailed a copy of the statement monthly (and will receive an additional $1.50 charge on this and all subsequent monthly statements mailed to you). If you select payment by check we must receive your first payment before service can begin. Upon receipt of payment for your first statement, your account will be activated and you will be notified via email (If you pay by credit card, activation usually occurs the same business day). A handling fee of $2 is charged for payment via check or equivalent such as a money order (this will appear on the following month's statement). If you pay by check, you might consider paying for several months to avoid repeat check processing fees. One month after your account is activated, and every month thereafter, you'll receive a statement for your monthly fee for the coming month, as well as for over-quota fees for Disk Space and Network Traffic for the preceding month. International Customers (outside the U.S.) You may pay by credit card or money order (money orders must be drawn on a U.S. bank, in U.S. funds). You may pre-pay as many months in advance as you choose; your statement will show a credit balance until the amount you have paid is exhausted. You might also consider using our 12 for 10 prepayment plan. If you wish to pay by Wire Transfer, contact the Billing Department at accounting@NetworkRichmond.Com.

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Domain Name Service

All NetworkRichmond.Com siteplans include free hosting and service for one domain name (WebCommerce Pro includes two domains,) which allows your web site to be addressed as, and allows you to create email addresses in the form For each domain name you register, in addition to any applicable NetworkRichmond.Com fees ($9.95/mo hosting fee for additional domain names pointing to the same web site (ie., .net, .cc, etc.) Network Solutions also charges you $35.00 per year. They will invoice you directly for the first two years ($70.00) upon approval of your application. We handle the submission of your domain name registration application to the Network Solutions (InterNIC) for you. If you choose any of our hosting plans, and you're not sure about what you'd like your domain name to be, you can select your domain name either at the time of application or at a later point after your account is activated. Domain and subdomain names are billed on the average of usage throughout your billing period.

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Network Traffic Billing

NetworkRichmond.Com is committed to providing its customers with an excellent price/performance value, and to do this requires metered billing for network traffic. Very few customers exceed their quota (for example, 4500 MB for an E-Commerce Site, which equals 20,000 requests for a 20k page), and additional traffic is only a few dollars per 100MB (per 10,000 10k pages). You can monitor your traffic throughout the month with your Web browser and our optional reports package. You also can authorize additional traffic as you please.You will have the option to allow your site to be made publicly unavailable, thereby preventing any excess traffic fees, until the end of your billing period when your network traffic quota is reset. You will also have the option to authorize additional network traffic for the amount that you will need for the rest of the billing period. Most network traffic to and from your site is logged to your account. This includes FTP puts and retrievals, all Web accesses from outside of the NetworkRichmond.Com network (accesses by NetworkRichmond.Com personnel do not count against your quota), and email traffic to and from all of your email addresses.

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Disk Storage

Your disk space usage is logged daily throughout the month. At the end of the month you are billed for your average disk space usage throughout the month (if you exceed the basic allowance for your service plan type). There is no charge based upon the number of Web pages, graphic files, links, etc. stored at your site; billing is based only on the total amount of disk space your files take up.

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Payments are due upon receipt of invoice. If payment is not received within 30 days after payment due date, account is subject to suspension and a reinstatement fee of $15.00. Customer agrees that submission of credit card information to NetworkRichmond.Com constitutes authorization by Customer for NetworkRichmond.Com to bill the specified credit card for all fees owed by Customer to NetworkRichmond.Com. Credit cards are automatically charged each time invoices are sent out. A $15.00 'Returned Payment Fee' will be applied to all credit card disputes. All check or money order payments must be drawn on a U.S. Bank and prepared in U.S. dollars. Certain items drawn directly on foreign banks will have fees as high as $100.00 (this is out of our control), or will be undepositable entirely. If a check is returned by the bank, customer is responsible for a $15.00 "Returned Payment" fee.

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Excess use fees will be billed at the end of each month. Customer is liable for all excess use fees incurred at Customer's site (NetworkRichmond.Com charges do not include Network Solutions charges of $35.00 for each domain name per year). Network Traffic is monitored throughout the month. Customers have the option to authorize additional Network Traffic for the amount that will be required for the rest of the billing period. Disk Space usage is charged throughout the month. Billing is based on the total amount of Disk Space being used.

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Restoration of Files/Closed Accounts

A $100.00 restoration fee must be paid before any attempt of restoring files is processed. This fee does not guarantee your ability to recover any lost file, regardless of how or why the file was lost.

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Cancelling Your Account

You may cancel your NetworkRichmond.Com account at any time by using our on-line account cancellation form, at or by printing this form out, signing, and faxing it to NetworkRichmond.Com at 804-672-6086.You can cancel your account immediately or as of a particular date (such as the end of your current billing period).This means that if you cancel immediately after receiving a bill, you still have to pay that bill (because any resource fees on that bill are for the preceding month, and the monthly charge is required for the month during which you cancel).

For cancellation of prepaid annual accounts, customers will be credited for the pro-rated balance of the unused service period, less any resource fees incurred.

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Closed Accounts

Closing an account does not relieve the Customer from paying any charges due. If payment is not received 4 months after an account was closed, it is sent to collections. Customer is responsible for paying the charges accrued on delinquent accounts before activating another account. New accounts can only be activated once delinquent accounts are paid off.

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