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Internet Access

Serving all of Greater Richmond, Virginia, NetworkRichmond.Com provides a full range of Internet connectivity services, from 56K dial up to full on-line dedicated access. We work with each client to determine what type of connection is right for them.

56K digital dial-up access

Using state-of-the-art digital equipment, NetworkRichmond.Com connects to the international Internet backbone and provides dial-up access at speeds up to 56Kbps (using the V.90 standard), the highest standard in the industry. You'll enjoy the ease of connecting directly to the Internet without going through a maze of advertising and promotions. Your speed of connection is limited only by the speed of the modem in your computer and your local telephone service capabilities.

Set-up in minutes over the phone

When you're ready to sign on with us, our friendly technical support representatives are available to walk you through the set-up, step by step, over the phone in a matter of minutes. We can also fax the installation information and setup instructions to the more seasoned user. There's no software to install or take up valuable space on your hard drive.

Fewer busy signals

The Internet access industry uses a measure known as "port ratio" to measure the number of available access ports to the users. Simply stated this is merely the number of subscribers compared to the number of ports (available connections at any given time). The industry average is normally reported as approximately 10:1; that is, for every 10 subscribers, only one can connect at a time. Once all ports are occupied, any additional subscriber gets a busy signal. NetworkRichmond.Com has historically maintained a much lower port ratio, meaning a busy signal has been a rare occurrence.

Spam blockers

NetworkRichmond.Com has the ability to block broadcast junk Email. Our mail server scans for known "spammers" each time it receives an incoming mail message. If the message is from one of them, it is silently discarded before delivery. One or two may get through now and then, especially from an unreported new spammer. Once a new spammer is identified, we track this report before blocking to make certain that legitimate mail can still be delivered, but illegitimate spammers will be added to this list, and future mail discarded.

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Web Design & Development

NetworkRichmond.Com offers a full suite of web design capabilities including custom graphic design, database functions, secure transactions, custom forms and scripts. Virtually anything available with today's technology can be provided by our creative team. We'll help you compete in today's marketplace.

Professional developers

Design and development consultations, in easy to understand terms, are available. We'll take the time necessary to ensure your questions are answered. Even if you have no idea of where to start, we'll collect information from you (your brochures, handouts, newsletters and ads) and talk to you about your business, your industry and your competition to determine your specific needs for developing the most cost-effective marketing tool available today. The following are available for use as tools in developing the message you wish to convey:

  • Digital photography
  • Animation
  • Database development
  • Shopping cart
  • Instant credit card authorization
  • Domain name registration
  • Search engine registration
  • Site design
  • Logo design
  • Marketing material compatibility
  • Site construction
  • Site maintenance
  • Site administration
  • Customized graphics
  • Scanning

Our team will also provide you with our recommendations on how to present your products or services to the world through your web site.

Creative design team-Creative Technologies

Using state-of-the-art software and hardware, our Creative Technologies team will create a design that gives you a powerful and versatile marketing tool that is cost-effective, innovative and customized for you. You can choose to unleash our graphic designers' creativity, or we can keep your web site theme consistent with your printed brochures or other marketing material. We stay in contact with you throughout the development process. We begin by preparing a creative concept and production schedule for your site. Your site is even given a special temporary Internet address so you may access it at any hour of the day to examine the progress.

Electronic storefronts

Are you ready to sell on the web? Billions of dollars in products and services will be sold across the web this year alone. It's anticipated that this will only increase at an ever hastening pace! We can help you take advantage of this new revenue opportunity at a comparatively low investment. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you in the selection of the components needed for your particular business. You may need just one or you may need or want them all.

Database application

Why do you need a web accessible database? Does your inventory change? Of course it does, so your web site should too. NetworkRichmond.Com can design and implement a database containing your product inventory, then make it's availability and pricing easily accessible to your customers across the Internet. Whenever you add a new product or drop an old one, just a couple of clicks of the mouse and your web site is up-to-date. NetworkRichmond.Com makes it easy to include pictures of your products online too. As an added benefit, your site can be configured so that your customers can "search" your inventory to find exactly what they want to buy simply by entering key words - just like in a search engine. A web database isn't just for e-commerce. It's for anything that changes on a regular basis or information you would like to make searchable. Newsletters and calendars are excellent candidates for web databases. Whatever your needs, NetworkRichmond.Com can integrate a custom-designed database into your new or existing web site.

Web Site Rejuvenation

We also can assist you with web site rejuvenation, making changes to your existing site to enhance visual appeal as well as functionality. You might choose a step by step progression adding new functions one at a time, or you might just need a graphical redesign to complement your print marketing materials. If you've grown tired of your old site, we'll develop a completely new concept and fresh new look. No matter what your needs are, we can help.

Web Design,Development, & Consulting Pricing

Web design and development is quoted based upon individual project requirements. Call us to discuss your project and to receive a custom quote at 804-672-8000.

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Web Hosting

Hosting is available for any site, whether designed by NetworkRichmond.Com, another company or an individual. NetworkRichmond.Com hosting services allow you to create and publish your own site using a variety of developmental tools. If you prefer, NetworkRichmond.Com can develop and maintain your site for you. There are many options available that can affect hosting prices. Feel free to call upon us to discuss these options or view them on-line by clicking here. You can even sign-up for hosting directly from this site. Customized plans and pricing are available upon request.

Your website is safe with us. Reason to use NetworkRichmond.Com as your host include:

Daily system backups

Your web site is saved and protected by our daily tape backup procedures. Web servers are replicated to other servers throughout the day for added protection.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

A top-of-the-line UPS system and all precautions are taken to keep your site up and running around the clock in the event of power failures. In the event of extended outages, a petroleum-based generator provides the power necessary to keep you on-line.

Secure transaction server

Our secure server delivers a safe and protected site for your business transaction. Secure servers use public/private "keys" to safeguard valuable data as it travels as information packets across the Internet.

Detailed web statistics from WebTrends

NetworkRichmond.Com offers some of the most detailed website tracking information available. Information is available on topics such as most viewed pages, browsers used, page redirects, links followed, keywords search, broken links, and many more. Follow this link to see a sample of the reports available to you with our Web Reports option: WebSite Reports.

E-mail aliases and forwarding

NetworkRichmond.Com offers the ability to have multiple mail addresses routed to your existing mailbox, without giving out a specific persons address. Addresses such as can automatically be routed to your sales managers mailbox while the address is forwarded to your personnel manager.

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