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Now you can bring NetworkRichmond.Com's years of experience together with the latest networking technologies directly into your office. Take advantage of our experience, research, design and implementation proficiency. Our networking engineers can get your office up and running with:

Corporate Intranet/Extranet

An Intranet is a TCP/IP-based local area network (LAN) internal website that uses a web browser to access your office services. Everyone can share files and access online databases, forms, newsletters, and other company information.

Use an intranet for:

  • Sales and marketing systems
  • Financial reporting via the web
  • Brand and product communications
  • Multi-departmental collaboration

An Extranet connects two or more companies Intranets. You get all the benefits of an Intranet, plus remote access and data sharing.

  • Business-to-business commerce
  • Manufacturer-to-dealer trading
  • Product development between multiple parties
  • Web-based channel communications/management

Intraoffice networking

Improve office efficiency with:

  • File/printer sharing and collaboration
  • In-house corporate e-mail or Internet mail
  • Remote access

Firewall-protected Internet connection

  • Special hardware or software that acts as a single point of contact between your local area network (LAN) and the global Internet
  • Allows you to set strict rules on what Internet traffic is allowed to enter your network. Keeps your internal network and proprietary information secure from anyone outside your network
  • Keeps your internal network and proprietary information secure from anyone outside your network

Caching proxy server

  • Intercepts all the web traffic on your office network and makes web requests on behalf of the original user's computer
  • Controls what sites enter your network in case you're concerned about recreational web surfing
  • Holds visited web sites for quicker loading when anyone in the office visits the same site
  • Reduces bandwidth usage by eliminating transfer of redundant information
  • Requires lower-capacity Internet connection to deliver the same page to more users
  • Gets your entire office connected easily to the Internet
  • Share Email with colleagues, allow employees to telecommute or perform research on the Internet

Tell us what you need and we'll get you started with the right connection for your office, whether it's a simple dial-up connection, or a high-speed line.

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